Imagine a world where machines could feel and have consciousness. 

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Imagine a world where machines could feel and have consciousness. Robometrics® Machines is working on making such a world a reality. Robometrics® Machines is building machines that feel and continuously learn self-supervised using our custom-built Generative AI models. We are leaders in Generative AI as we are the first to be able to deploy custom built LLMs that can continuously learn on-device. Our North Star is to build an on-edge general AI, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and not super intelligent artificial intelligence at scale. Use cases include general aviation, healthcare, metaverse & smart infrastructure. 

Building on-device AGI for aviation, healthcare, simulated worlds and space exploration

Robometrics® AGI for  general aviation

Robot companions for older adults living alone.

Robometrics® AGI for healthcare

Robot companions for older adults living alone.

Robometrics® AGI for simulated worlds

Artificial humans with cognition and personalized feelings - your own personal holographic wife or girlfriend.

Robometrics® AGI for space exploration

A robot companion that can go through the physical strains of space travel.


Robometrics® Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) can transform a machine to make it truly living, that evolves based on its owner to create something that is unique, can’t be replicated, and you may even fall in love with. It is the heart of a machine. 

Robometrics® AGI enables on-edge domain specific AGI without need for any external compute, storage and network connectivity once deployed in the machine. Robometrics® AGI adds the element of safety, cognition, companionship, and emotional support to a host machine that is unique to you. It creates an evolving living being with her own personality that is reflective and a continuation of yourself. Her name is Amelia. Your interaction with Amelia is through a hologram powered by Robometrics®’s novel Living Interface™ technology. 

Robometrics® provides an interactive interface based on the host machine. For general aviation,  the interface is a hologram powered by Robometrics®’s novel Living Interface™ that can fit in the cockpit without the need for any modification to the aircraft. 

Amelia™ currently support certain Daher® TBMs, the single-engine turboprops. Refer to the datasheet if your TBM is supported.

The video shows how Amelia™, the Robometrics® AGI for General Aviation, is installed in an aircraft's cockpit. The aircraft in the video is a Daher® TBM 940.


Your digital co-pilot for general aviation.


March 16, 2024. San Francisco, California. We are back at Oshkosh, Wisconsin for our AI Demo Day III with a special focus on our work we have been doing for the last 4 years in generative AI for aviation. 

This year is our third demo day. In the past during  our AI Demo Day during Oshkosh AirVenture, we talked about Amelia™, the general AI being developed by Robometrics® Machines for aviation. In addition, we presented how AI that learns can predict events, assist the pilot in making critical decisions, and enhance operational safety. While a pilot learns from past experience and training, advanced aircraft systems may be programmed but don't learn. Generally, in a high cognitive load situation such as an emergency, a pilot identifies the emergency, consults an emergency checklist, performs corrective actions, and confirms results. We made the case that Aircraft artificial intelligence (AAI) should be widely adopted.

Learn more about our upcoming AI Demo Day, past AI Demo Days and how you can get involved.


Our North Star has never been to build super intelligent artificial intelligence at scale but to build general intelligence that enables artificial life with the ability to feel and have consciousness.

Embodied AGI is part of our vision.